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Introduction to Medical Affairs
Introduction to Medical Affairs
Course description

The healthcare industry has seen major changes over the past decade with a marked increase in the expectations across the industry for scientific rigor; addressing real-world clinical needs of patients and HealthCare Professionals (HCPs); advancing patient care and optimizing outcomes and increased transparency. The medical expertise within Medical Affairs is well positioned as a strategic partner across the business and to the healthcare community along with the patients that they serve.

Medical Affairs departments find their roots in traditional pharma, but now exist in biotech and are developing in allied areas as well such as devices, diagnostics and other healthcare sectors.

The intention of this module is to define the critical role that Medical Affairs plays as an essential component of the healthcare industry by interpreting and contextualizing data, generating Real-World Evidence (RWE), engaging in peer to peer scientific dialogue that informs the company of the key practice and patient insights, and educates HCPs and healthcare decision makers on clinical and scientific data.

Intended audience: Individuals interested in pursuing a career in Medical Affairs or are new to the industry or Medical Affairs.

Learning Objectives:
After completing this module, you will be better able to:

  • Articulate the roles Medical Affairs plays in the healthcare industry
  • Gain an understanding for the common functions and key skills in Medical Affairs
  • Describe the Foundational Pillars of Medical Affairs and their purpose


Course Content

A Dynamic Healthcare Industry

Foundational Pillars of Medical Affairs

Roles and Functions of Medical Affairs

Competencies and Capabilities Required in Medical Affairs

Professionals Working in Medical Affairs

Future of Medical Affairs

Knowledge Check

Module Developers
MAPS is appreciative to the following MAPS members and other individuals who were instrumental in creating the course content.
Content Developer: Robin Winter-Sperry, MD

Robin Winter-Sperry, MD
Global Field Medical Lead

Dr. Robin Winter-Sperry started working in the healthcare industry in the area of Dermatology at Schering Plough (Merck).  Prior to joining Ipsen in her current role, she had a long and distinguished career including Sanofi/Genzyme Head of Global Field Based Medical Excellence and President of Scientific Advantage, LLC. She created Novartis’ Medical Science Liaison (MSL) department of Scientific Operations and Sanofi-Synthelabo’s Medical Therapeutic Liaison division.

She has been involved in over 28 product launches.  She has pioneered the recognition of MSLs as a specialty in the biopharmaceutical and device industry and is responsible for creating and developing many of the industry’s leading Medical Affairs and Medical Liaison teams. She currently serves on the MAPS Board of Directors and is President & CEO of Scientific Resilience.

Contributor: Pete Piliero, MD

 Pete Piliero

Pete Piliero, MD
VP & Head, Medical Affairs Americas
GSK Consumer Healthcare

Dr. Piliero is also Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of MAPS. He provided content and editorial review of this course. 

Contributor: Charlotte Kremer, MD, MBA

Charlotte Kremer, MD, MBA
EVP and Head of MA

Astellas Pharma

Dr. Kremer is also Chair of the Board of Directors of MAPS. She provided content and editorial review of this course. 


Contributor: Lucie Keeber, PhD

Lucie Keeber, PhD
Global Head of Medical Excellence and Patient Affairs


Dr. Keeber provided content and editorial review of this course. 


Contributor: Travis Hege